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Small Business Video Conferencing Made Simple 

Business is all about connections. The personal touch has always made the difference, but increasingly face to face communication is becoming more significant in today’s high-tech business world. Making your company better is about fostering the relationships you need both internally and externally and AccuVoIP Services has the perfect solution.

Bringing people closer is simpler than ever with StarVideo video conferencing. Face to face conversations across the globe have traditionally been a feature of the biggest companies. But now small businesses can employ the same video conferencing solutions to increase business connections, promote greater teamwork, and eliminate expensive travel costs.

StarVideo’s small business video conferencing is simple and easy to use. The system allows up to 12 users to join a real time, audio-visual conversation. Think of the collaboration that’s possible with this system in making your business more connected at every level. With such a robust, interactive, and simple video conferencing system, you’ll see why StarVideo is revolutionizing small business communication.

To initiate small business video conferencing, a meeting organizer selects users to invite from the company directory or a favorite list. Invited users receive an on-screen notification, letting them know about their invitation to the conference.

Once a user accepts their invitation, they are prompted to choose from a list of audio options including office phone, cell phone, StarPhone, and other options. One the system has connected the audio, users simply have to click ‘start sharing’ to connect to the video conference.

StarVideo is more than just a way to see remote team members and collaborators, however. A whiteboard feature lets participants view and collectively edit almost any kind of document. Text chat also allows users to communicate with each other during conferencing.

Small business video conferencing is about making connections and StarVideo provides the platform for your business to operate more efficiently. Through these more personal connections and collaborations, your organization will have the tools in place to grow to new heights.

Bring up to a dozen colleagues into the conversation today when you contact our VIP VoIP experts. Contact AccuVoIPServices.com at 877-799-0513 to learn more about small business video conferencing.