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What Is a VoIP Service and Who Needs It?

A significant number of American households (25 percent or more according to some estimates) no longer use landline phones. With so many alternatives, such as VoIP services, saying goodbye to landlines is becoming more and more cost effective and convenient. Small-business owners, as well as bigger corporations and institutions, have also found VoIP to be a workable alternative to the traditional landline, which can help save money.

How Is VoIP Different?

VoIP is the contraction of the term “Voice over Internet Protocol,” which is a means of communication that uses the Internet to send and receive voice messages. Whereas traditional telephony required the use of a physical phone, with VoIP services, an app or software installed on the user’s computer can be used in conjunction with a microphone and speaker or a headset to make and receive calls. This is a type of telephony, but is different from conventional public switched telephone network (PSTN) services in that a VoIP service uses the Internet rather than a circuit-switched network.

Simply put, a VoIP service, such as one offered by AccuVoIP, converts voices into digital data which is then transported over broadband Internet. A VoIP adapter and computer or modem is used for this rather than your telephone and is just as easy to use. AccuVoIP services can be very inexpensive and typically offers all the same features, and more, of a landline.

Is It Time to Make the Switch to AccuVoIP?

If you already have broadband Internet and have a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, you can skip the need for a landline phone and use VoIP instead. Users can access and listen to voicemail, schedule video conferencing with people all over the world, and manage all service features online. Businesses that need to do a lot of video conferencing find that VoIP services add a lot of value.

When a business switches to a VoIP service, this can translate into significant cost cutting. To learn more about the technology, the advantages you can enjoy, and the options available to you, call AccuVoIP at 262-649-1097 today and ask for a free customized quote. Save significantly on international calls, and increase the bottom line of your business!