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Only Star2Star Provides The Perfect Blend Of Reliability, Advanced Functionality, And Cost Savings For Schools Of All Types And Sizes

Star2Star Provides The Advanced Communications Features And Worry-Free Service That Lets Schools Focus On Teaching


Reliable communications are absolutely essential for schools, as they must deal with complex administrative issues and parent and student relations on a daily basis, as well as being prepared to protect students in the event of an emergency. Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability, and helps to ensure the guarantee is kept with features such as StarWatch Continuous monitoring. Star2Star also offers extensive disaster recover protections so that schools never lose contact, such as automatic backup and failover, routing to remote numbers, and voicemail access from email.

Advanced Functionality

Star2Star offers numerous advanced features that can dramatically improve school operations. Cloud-based auto attendants can free up administrative staff for more pressing concerns. StarPhone for iPhone allows staff to receive and send calls from a personal cell phone, but with the school’s caller ID, allowing them to take important calls without giving away their personal number. StarConferencing and StarVideo advance education goals through collaboration.

Cost Savings

Many schools are on an extremely tight budget and must constantly be on the look out for ways to save. Star2Star can help reduce communications costs in many ways. Our line pooling feature allows multiple locations to share the same pool of lines, a particularly useful feature for school districts. Our hardware uses fewer resources, which also helps schools meet green initiatives. We also offer hardware leasing options that reduce the upfront cost of making the switch.


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