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Disaster Recovery: StarRecovery

Disaster Recovery that Keeps You Open for Business

Business disruptions are bound to happen. Are you prepared? In a disaster situation, you could lose business for days or weeks without a reliable phone connection. With Star2Star’s StarRecovery system, you’ll never have to worry again, no matter what happens.

One of Star2Star’s many business communications solutions, StarRecovery is an innovative disaster recovery system that allows your business to maintain telephone service despite power, telephone and Internet outages, or even destruction of your facilities.

If you experience an outage at your business, our StarRecovery System will immediately detect the problem and automatically take over as your phone system.

  • Calls will be rerouted to designated employee cell phones, landlines or another office location
  • Main or departmental numbers can be routed to an auto attendant or to a group of numbers


StarRecovery also provides all the features and functionality of a Star2Star business communications phone system, including:

  • Unlimited voice mail
  • Email delivery of voicemail
  • Customized call routing
  • Conference rooms



With StarRecovery, your emergency plan is always in place, all the time, sending your customers the message that you’re the most reliable business in your industry. Best of all, the entire StarRecovery system is in the cloud. It does not rely on any facilities or equipment at your business location and does not cost anything to deploy.

During hurricane Sandy, a number of businesses lost power and phone lines. Those companies with Star2Star’s system never experienced downtime. To experience this kind of uptime, choose StarRecovery, Star2Star’s innovative, proactive business continuity solution. Download our brochure to learn more.