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Free VoIP Conferencing and Calling

Easy Conference Calling for More Productive On-the-Fly Meetings

If you have employees and clients in multiple locations, StarConferencing is the way to connect them without incurring travel costs. Flexible on-the-fly conference calling makes meetings a thing of the past. Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks, and mobile and work-at-home users can join in, too.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

StarConferencing helps decrease the expense of conferencing as we are often 50% lower than other providers.

Easy Conference Creation

Now you can create a conference anywhere, anytime — whenever a meeting request is made. No reservations required!

Conference calling is available to be part of your Star2Star Unified Communications solution. Users can set up “Meet Me” conference rooms for quick, easy and secure conference calls.

  • Up to 150 users can join a call
  • Talk as long as you would like
  • There’s no per-minute charge*

Robust voice conferencing works like this:

  • Callers dial a reserved extension or special DID
  • Conferences can be password protected
  • Conference bridge plays a customized message or music before start
  • Organizer can monitor users online