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Presence Management: StarScope2

The Center of Your Communications Universe

You can keep your eyes on your computer with this presence management application.

Your telephone and computer are equally important business tools. StarScope2TMleverages the power of the desktop computer to improve workflow, communications and presence management by making your phone system more accessible and more intelligent.

StarScope2TM from Star2Star Communications is a next-generation unified communications tool that allows users to monitor and control all of their communications from a single intuitive interface. It combines several key functions in one package, including:

  • Presence management and monitoring
  • Integrated company-wide directory
  • Favorites and recently-called lists
  • Call control manager with drag-and-drop call transfer/park/retrieve
  • Multi-party IM chat client
  • Voicemail access
  • Call recording and playback
  • Incoming call pop-up
  • Conference room monitor


Life with StarScope2TM

The StarScope2TM user interface is brilliantly simple. It is based on a visual representation of all the extensions in your organization, including remote phones, softphones, and phones in multiple business locations.

The main StarScope2TM display screen changes dynamically, in real time. It uses color coded indicators to show who is on the phone, whose phone is dialing or ringing, and who is out of the office – all at a glance. The main screen provides an overall view of the organization. Each extension on the main screen contains detailed information about the user at that extension.

For more information on StarScope2TM view the brochure.

Tame Your communications

The telephone and the computer are equallty important business tools. StarScope2TMleverages the power of the desktop computer to improve workflow and communications. StarScope2TM makes your communication system more accessible and more intelligent.

StarScope2TM incorporates a “drag & drop” call transfer feature that allows users to click on an active call and drop that call into hold, park, or another extension. It also includes a pop-up call notification alert, so users can see who is calling without taking their eyes off the screen