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Business VoIP Phone Systems and Service Providers in Wisconsin

Business VoIP Phone Systems & Service Providers from Star2Star

Business VoIP Service Providers: Midsize Businesses must overcome a number of obstacles, especially those whose staffs are divided between multiple locations and those with remote employees. You have to make sure everyone in your organization continues to communicate, but you have to do so in a way that your company can afford. You have a wide variety of communication needs, but you also need a communications system which is user-friendly enough for your employees to master. Star2Star has solutions for you.


We understand the challenges that your business faces every day. Star2Star offers a range of products and services that meet the needs of midsize businesses.

business voip phone systems
  • Dynamically Pooling and Bursting Lines: Many midsize businesses have very steady business for most of the year that requires a limited number of lines, but have a few periods of much heavier phone traffic that require more. Our system adds lines as needed for a minimal charge so that your customers never have to be put on hold.
  • Scalable Service: Our equipment is designed to handle large quantities of traffic and data, so you can add additional capacity for minimal cost.
  • Call Recording: Call recording allows you to monitor employee performance, keep customer records and more. Star2Star offers both cloud-based and on-premise call recording options so that your business can run in the manner that works best for you.
  • Intercom Functionality: Intercoms are still one of the most effective methods of reaching multiple employees who are scattered throughout an office. All of our phones offer intercom functionality, including phones at different locations.
  • Effortlessly Transfer Calls Between Locations: Because so much of our system operates through the cloud, your entire phone system – including multiple offices and at-home workers – operates as a single unified system. We can even route calls automatically go to different locations when demand is high, helping keep customer satisfaction high. Our ACD features are ideal for companies with multiple call centers at different locations.
  • Disaster Recovery: Lost business is one of the most damaging impacts of an office disaster. Star2Star provides a number of protections including cloud-based message storage and the ability to re-route calls to cell phones or other locations to keep your business running even if one of your offices has been shut down.

Big Performance for Midsize Companies

Today’s on-the-go professionals need voice plus so much more to stay productive, in touch and accessible. Star2Star’s offers Midsize Businesses the answer, with unified communications tools that build efficiency and collaboration throughout the whole office.

Ideal for midsized companies with up to 500 lines in one location and distributed, mobile workers or work from home employees Star2Star Communications offers the most scalable and flexible solution to meet your needs. Whether you need a deskphone, softphone or mobile solution we have it and it is fully customizable based on number of lines or seats you need.

We also bundle our business phone service with a suite of seamlessly integrated online tools so everyone is on the same page—or in the same cloud.

Midsize Businesses Can Leverage The Best Enterprise Grade Solutions For Small Business Prices

  • Core Quality Voice Capabilities including Find Me/Follow Me, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer
  • StarPhone for iPhone: better enable your mobile workforce
  • StarChat: communicate easily without distracting phone conversations
  • StarVideo: get up to 12 users in the “same room”
  • StarFax: fax with or without a fax machine
  • Call Recording: record calls and easily access them later
  • Boost collaboration even further with our suite of optional productivity add-ons: StarView for StarCenter, security and CRM integration

All Star2Star Systems come with a 30 day money back guarantee enabled by our Quality Assurance solutions that are built into our system

  • StarWatch: monitors the status of a customer location proactively every five minutes
  • StarPath: tests call quality every hour to ensure optimal quality
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