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VoIP Video Conferencing: StarVideo

Video Conferencing that Brings People Closer Together

If you have employees in multiple locations, StarVideo is the way to connect them face-to-face without incurring travel costs. StarVideo is our easy-to-use video conferencing solution that creates more productive meetings at the touch of a button.


Up to 12 users can join a real-time StarVideo conference with audio. Additional participants can join the conference in audio-only mode. It’s robust, interactive and simple to operate. Here’s how it works:

  • To initiate a conference, an organizer selects the users to invite to the conference using a favorite list or by searching in the company directory.
  • Invited users will receive an on-screen notification, letting them know they’ve been invited to participate.
  • When a user accepts the video invitation, the system will provide a list of audio options, including the user’s office phone, cell phone, StarPhone, and any other extensions or dial in that user chooses.
  • Once the system has connected the audio, users click the “start sharing” button to connect to the video conference.
  • A whiteboard feature within the video conference allows participants to view and collectively edit virtually any type of document.
  • A text chat feature also allows users to communicate with one another during conferencing.